Projection mapping

Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid – 2015

research – development – consultancy – production

projection mapping reel
Phase 1

Research phase (1 projector and lego), to test the theory of the custom built calibration algorithm

using lego to test our mapping algorithm
Phase 2

Test with a 1:1 scale setup and multiple projectors. Research technical limitations and possibilities. Determine requirements for size, color and furniture types.

1:1 scale test setup
Phase 3

On-site at the final setup. Calibrating and fine-tuning. First tests with final content.

Final project
  • 7 projectors
  • 9 computers working as one
  • Scale 1:1 full size room (both physical and virtual)
  • 2 independent interactive scenes (left and right)
  • synchronous transitions throughout the scene
  • adjustable post processing and light effects per projector
  • 100+ fully customizable texture sets to change the appearance of the rooms
  • 2 RFID driven management applications that allow every visitor their own unique experience, based on age, musical taste, gender and favourite radio show.