Ik ben een doorsnee hardloper, die te laat is begonnen om ooit nog echt snel te lopen. Met regelmatige onregelmatigheid schrijf ik korte stukjes over mijn ervaringen als hardloper. De meeste stukjes zijn ‘pre-corona’. Ik ben aangesloten bij AV’40

I’m just another runner, who discovered running way too late to ever be really good at it. With regular irregularity, I write short stories about my experiences as a runner. Most stories are ‘pre-corona’. I run at AV’40

As a designer|developer with a flair for animation and playfulness, I am playing an important role in breathing life into software. My job is to manage the finishing touches of transitions, sound effects and all those other little details that make an interactive feels finished. With the ability to approach the concept of a simple interactive from a different angle, I give it the extra sparkle that makes it stand out.

With 15 years of experience in designing and developing interactive experiences, I worked for clients all over the world. Both big and small.

When I’m not working, I’m probably running a long distance, reading a book or playing my Taylor guitar. Never at the same time, though 😉