Petteflet & Annie FM

Kinderboekenmuseum – 2020

Development – Animation


Rebuilding the Petteflet from the famous story of Pluck is a joy. All the characters and stories that populate this interactive are full of live. The Petteflet is an explorative interactive, where visitors can browse through famous stories of Annie M. G. Smith, or play Petteflet Bingo with your RFID wristband (called slurper).

By tapping the windows, visitors find out which characters live in the ‘Petteflet’: an apartment building. They can also play the Petteflet bingo; will they find all the right characters for their own bingo card?

Annie FM

Simplicity and joy are key in this radio built into the car of Tos. Filled with the many songs written by Annie M. G. Smith, anyone can tune in to their favorite song and start some karaoke.

photo by Sarah Dona