Institute for Sound and Vision

2022 / 2023 – Research – Prototyping – Motion Design – Development

The Dutch media museum ‘Beeld en Geluid’ (Institute for Sound and Vision) is one of the most iconic museums of its kind. It is and has always been on the forefront of pushing technology to the max in order to create an unique experience for every single visitor. I have been working for the Institute of Sound and Vision since it opened in 2005, creating countless interactive applications over the years.

Nieuws of Nonsens - Real or Fake news
Spot fake news in ‘Nieuws of Nonsens’ (News or Fake) – role: Development

In order to explain and give context to our media usage of today, a complete new experience was built in 2022 with 50 interactive exhibits unlocking massive amounts of content from the ever growing archives of the Institute for Sound and Vision.

Besides building complex interactive applications as a senior developer and motion designer in this project, I built shared components that make sure all interactives have a similar look-and-feel and behave the same. I also built the ‘media personality’, a unique evolving personality of the visitor, visualizing the impact of media you take in.

The technical challenges were numerous: from face recognition and personalized content streams, to unconventional hardware and lots of backend systems.

Sell a product as an influencer – role: Research & Development
Edit your own movie at Studio – role: Research, Development
Race through time – role: Research, Design, Development