LEGO House Interactives

Billund – 2017/2018

Research – Prototyping – Co Design – Motion Design – Animation – Development – Showreel editing

As member of the team that created the interactive experience for the LEGO House, my role was to give every experience the LEGO sparkle by creating and supervising consistent motion design and animate ‘pride of creation’ moments that connect visitors to their LEGO creations.

Motion Design

Button interaction: a small part of the LEGO House UI motion design

Capture Stations

Capture stations can be found all over the LEGO House, encouraging visitors to capture their creations in unique ways. My job was to make this seemingly simple photobooth into a fluent experience, celebrating the visitors’ creations.

Capture stations

City Architect

City Architect has lots of mini stories and moments of celebration. My job was to help visitors understand the impact of their builds on the big city and its minifig inhabitants.

City Architect
City Architect

Robo Lab (polar expedition )

Robo lab is a multi-player interactive story of exploration, where players have to free minifgs, frozen in an icy world using programmable robots. As the big story enfolds, players get continuous feedback on their actions with small animations and little narratives. That’s where I came in.

Robo Lab